Patent Profile Reports

Patent reports in PDF format inform you about current patents and utility models in a compact format. Bibliographic data, the front page drawing, and the abstract or first claim provide a comprehensive overview. You can attain the complete patent document with a click on the patent number. Thus, you can look at the interesting publications without a loss of time.

Patent reports contain customised information for your company. We deliver patent reports based on your search profile containing relevant competitors, classifications, and keywords. They are published monthly or weekly to fit your needs.

Screenshot Patentbericht und Patentdokument

The reports are available on CD-ROM or as download on a password-protected Internet platform. The design of the cover page, and the formatting of the bibliographic data is adapted to your requirements. Request a sample report now!


Archive solution for patent reports

patentGate/Report is a patentGate version that allows to search the content of several profile reports. It provides a searchable database in addition to menu-based access to the profile reports in PDF format. Search queries and results can be saved. This version is suitable for companies that supply patent information to their developers without storing feedback from the patent circulation in a database. 

patentGate/Report offers a comfortable administration of several reports:

  • access control with user name and password
  • email alerts for users
  • archive of subscribed reports as PDF and searchable database
  • direct link to the complete patent document


Patent reports "Exhaust systems"

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze from AES - Automotive Engineering Services, we publish monthly patent reports "Exhaust systems" since 2003.

The report contains bibliographic data and a front page drawing in a compact format. The complete patent in PDF format can be accessed via links in the report. Download: sample report July 2013

The German version of the report contains brief reports written by experts on current patent publications (DE, EP, WO) with purpose and solution in a maximum of two sentences in German. The experts describe the technical aspects of the inventions so that your technicians receive a comprehensive overview of your sector. The direct link to the complete patent in PDF format allows a quick review of all texts and drawings.


Delivery of patent data

Besides patent profile reports we deliver bibliographic data, PDF documents and front page drawings in regular intervals (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly). In case that documents in latin languages are published as facsimile we can convert the PDF documents via OCR into a text based format.
Different data formats (zip archive, customized xml formats, Excel sheets) are available according to your specification.


Patent search profiles

We help you create or enhance your patent search profile.
If you do not have a search profile yet it is created and tested on the basis of IPC symbols, key words or competitors specified by the customer.
The preliminary results of the profiles are provided as Excel files and discussed to make adjustments to the profile. Each search profile is assigned with searchable order information for easy access.


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