About us

Margit HoehneMargit Hoehne patentGate GmbH was founded in 2008. Our team is led by CEO Ms. Margit Hoehne and consists of software developers and patent information specialists. We offer our inhouse patent monitoring solution patentGate and patent reports. Our services include creating and optimizing patent profiles and statistical analyses of patent work flows.

patentGate is our product for patent monitoring. It is on the market since 2003. patentGate was developed in a close cooperation with pilot customers. It includes all necessary functions for an efficient circulation of patent documents. We place emphasis on self explanatory menus and functions.

Furthermore, patentGate is adjustable to different workflows in companies. Tasks for different user groups are defined by a role model. Routine processes can be automated.

patentGate informs developers about actual trends in your sector. With this knowledge, multiple developments can be avoided. The risk of violating third-party intellectual property rights is reduced.

We provide support for our customers regarding the creation and optimisation of search profiles for patent monitoring. The results are relevant industrial property rights of competitors and from technology fields. We also integrate the companie's own industrial property rights and state of the art documents in the database.

For new or existing customers we offer workshops and webinars. Individual training contents clarify open questions and help to instruct new staff members.

Functions, developed as customer order, complement patentGate. An exmple is the integration of an idea management, a complex system of descriptors, or a module to determine whether own industrial property rights should be maintained.

Another service is the monitoring of the legal status. Together with customers we define the events to be delivered.



patentGate is member of PatCom.


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