Here you get to the tutorial about Alerts and the PatFamService

The alert function of patentGate enables to observe patents or patent families on new publications or grants. Additionally you can order missing family members. For this you first choose Monitor document/family in the document display.

Grant an alert

All users with the role attribute user_set_alerts are allowed to grant an alert. For this open the tool menu Screenshot Icon Dokumentanzeige in the document display. There you select Monitor document/family. In the popup window you're asked to enter the reason the alert. Click on OK. All further steps will be done by your administration.

Edit alerts

All users that can grant an alert can edit them in the menu item Data import -> My alerts:

Screenshot Icon loeschenDelete the grant of this alert
Screenshot Icon loeschenEdit the reason for the alert
Screenshot IconYou can export this table as CSV and open it in Excel or Calc.
Screenshot Icon loeschenOpen the input assistance for the filter

By clicking on the patent number you get to the document display.