Drag and Drop

This feature enables the opportunity to rearrange the bibliographic document view. You have to open the menu  and click on  dragndrop_edit_en to enable the feature.

dragndrop_save_order_en is saving the current order and closing the feature.

dragndrop_close is closing the feature and set the order, which was activated before rearrange the order..

dragndrop_save_default_order_en is saving the current order as a default order. Other user are able to set the default order as their order. The operation to set a default order is only allowed to the role patent agent.

dragndrop_default_order_en is set up the default order. The factory order is to be setting up, if there is no default order specified.


You have to use a up-to-date Browser (Chrome 4+, iOS Safari 11.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Edge 18+)