Integrated filter queries

To filter the documents to process for distributors and viewers the filter function was developed.


This function enables to create global baskets for all users and additionally individual filters to filter the amount of documents by your own criteria. Therefore you can find documents, for instance publications of the main competitor, faster.

There are system filters, which all users can import. Those can not be modified. All system filters other than "All publications to treat" can be removed by click on Add Icon.

System filter

Each user can create personal User filters to be displayed.
user filter

With the button "New" a new filter query can be cerated:
Systemfilter This is equal to saving a filter query in expert mode.
User filters can be added to the Selection with the button Add Icon and removed with Add Icon.

The sort order of the filters can be changed via drag and drop with the  button Move . The new sort order should be saved.

sort filter