Change responsibility in the patent department

If a member of the patent department leaves the company, it is useful to let his successor receive comments from the circular. This article describes how to display such information not only in Status information for other users but also directly in the feedback section for the new user. User pa_2015 is the new user and pa_2013 is the person whose feedback should be displayed for pa_2015.


The feature f_show_all_status="1" has to be active in the server configuration. With this option comments and feedback from all users will be displayed in the feedback menu. If this feature is not set, only feedback from users that are receipients of the current user will be displayed.

Save the relevant documents as monitoring

First step is a search query that requests all documents from the last months that have been in the monitoring for user pa_2013: bk=profil_2013 and pd>20150000 The result of the query will be saved as monitoring for user pa_2015. Save result

Delegate the documents

In the feedback display only documents are listed that have been delegated by the current user of the patent department. Therefor all documents of the search result must be delegated by user pa_2015. Use a dummy user (doc_2015) to delegate all documents. Delegate documents To show the documents in the feedback menu, the list should be "marked as completed". Then the list will bei moved to "Distributed documents".

Display options for feedback

To show comments and feedback from users who received the documents from user pa_2013,  select the option "Show only relevant documents (complete)". Show feedback