Input assistance

The input assistance supports you to fill in search queries or conditions at several points in patentGate. In the input assistance you see on the left Fields and operators and on the right Operators. The field identifier correspond to properties of each document. You can determine that for all results the field identifier should be equal to a value (=), larger than a value (>), smaller than a value (<), larger or equal to a value (>=) or smaller or equal to a value (<=). Choose a field identifier on the left by clicking on it. Then choose one of the comparative operators of =,>,>=,< or <= and insert a value for the field (Example: CC=de for all patents from Germany). Here you find explanations to all of the field identifier. You can combine several conditions of field identifier, comparative operator and value using the logical operators AND, OR and NOT. If you use AND NOT the hereinafter expression needs brackets around. (Example: pn=DE AND NOT (u4=epct)) Additionally you can put one of the following token at the end:
_profile_ Search only in the current delivery. Unlike the search settings the token will be saved with the search query.
_duplicate_ In the current delivery duplicates will be searched.
To truncate use the asterisk * for arbitrary number of characters and ! for exactly one character. The search is case-insensitive and German umlauts like ä and ü will be searched as ae, ue etc.