Process documents of the circular

The menu "Process documents" allows you to evaluate and delegate the patent documents you received in patentGate. To process documents of the circular in a single-display mode click on of the corresponding basket. In the left frame you insert the information for the circular and in the right frame you see the document or the PDF file of the patent. In the upper left area informations of the circular are shown, e.g. the name of the circular, the number of documents and the deadline. Umlauf bearbeiten Possible ratings for a document in a circular are:
Opposition / Conflict This patent is disturbing the own development. The patent department has to check the grant for an opposition. At disclosures the document / family has to be observed. A comment is necessary.
Relevant This patent affects the own property rights or the own development. Because of this it is relevant. A comment is necessary.
Seen This patent is not critical and no action is necessary. The viewer demonstrates, that he or she has seen the document.
optional This function can be used to influence the search profile.
Irrelevant This patent is not relevant for this viewer. The viewer is also not interested in similar documents.
At this point user of the patent department or Verteiler can delegate documents to other users. The recipients can be added or deleted in Users -> Recipients. To rate a document tick the corresponding checkbox. At Opposition/Conflict and Relevant a comment is necessary. The comment can be edited by Screenshot Icon. With the appropriate setting you can also sign documents by descriptors. Remark: The rating is automatically saved at page turning. The following display options exist:
Screenshot Icon Display bibliographic data
Screenshot Icon Display of the document as PDF (incl. drafts)
Screenshot Icon, Screenshot Icon, Screenshot Icon, Screenshot Icon Display data of the patent register of the publication office
Screenshot Icon Mark document as favourite - will be placed in Search -> Favourites (By moving the mouse over it you see which favourite list contains the document.)
In the tool menu Screenshot Icon you have additionally the following options:
Monitoring document/family Starts the monitoring of family members to this document. This means, you inform the patent department that you are interested in family members to this document (see also Alerts).
Info to patent department Send a message to a user in the patent department (this message is displayed in the history of the document).
Send document link Starts the local email program to send the link.
Print preview Generates a preview for printing the document.
Export data Document data of this document or the complete circular can be  exported as table.
In the left frame are the following commands to navigate:
|<<, <<<, >>>, >>| Navigate to next or previous document
1-3-5… To navigate in the documents directly to a document (e.g. to the last document)
Back Back to the overview of the circular