The list of defined user roles in patentGate contains the role Gast.

The owners of this role don't have any special rights, but they can use the simple search form to read the portfolio of imported bibliographical data.
Notices, comments and valuation from circular will not be displayed.
Beside the manual configuration there are different possibilities to create guest accesses in patentGate.

Guest accesses from central login system

If patentGate is integrated in a central login system, at first the authorized users get the guest role (see central login system).

Guest accesses using mail address

If all employees should be able to use the search functionality of the patentGate server, the guest access can allowed by entering the e-mail address as user name in the login screen, without password.
Under Administration -> System configuration, the text field "Email login domains" should contain a space-separated list of domain names from which e-mail addresses can used.
Please note that only the domain name will be checked, not the validity and the owner properties. Therefor this function should be used only in trusted intranet environments.
Adaptation of user role preset and rights

Under  Administration -> System configuration in the text field User role preset you can change the user role. If a new user should automatically take part in the circular system, you can choose e.g. the role viewer. Please note that this enables more rights such as the possibility to view notices and comments made by other users in the monitoring process. The guest access can alternatively be configured to include additional rights.

(see: Role configuration).