Overview to optional features

Beside the base version of patentGate we offer you to adapt patentGate individually to your requirements. For this we exist a variety of optional features which we can include in your patentGate. Please contact for this our support.
Assign the same descriptors to family members
If you already have assigned a descriptor to a family member so it is reasonable to assign these descriptors also to the current document. With this feature you see the descriptors of the family members and just can assign them to the documents.
Descriptors as matrix
In the default setting the descriptors are structured as tree. With this feature the descriptors are structured as matrix. This means in particular that you assign each descriptor a level while descriptor can be combined with all descriptors of the other levels.
Forgotten password - automatically request for a new one
If your user login in seldom it might happen that she or he forgets her or his password. To shorten the way to get a new password, you can automatically request a new password with this feature. For this your user just has to type the email address.
Search and order citations
You are interested in patents that cite this documents or which this document cites? With this feature you can search for citations in the document display. Additionally you can order the found documents if they don't exist in the system.
Order family members
With this feature you can order family members which do not yet exist in patentGate. You can also monitor patents for family members. Like this you will be informed as soon as a family member is available.
With this feature you can manage your own ideas which later will be registered as patents. Each user can look on this idea. The patent department manages these ideas and link the registered patents with the ideas.
Create a circular with a list
With this feature you can prepare the circular in a clearly structured list. You can delete unimportant documents and allocate descriptors. You don't have to view each document and can work in the well structured table.
Result list with more informations
With this feature you get the search results as well structured list including the draft and the description.
Export result lists to Orbit
With this feature you can export country and patent number of the search result in the expert search. This table you can import in the patent software Orbit.
With the feature Reports you can display all reports of the last week. This view will be updated after release of the current report weekly.
Linking to Genese
With this feature you can link documents in patentGate to Genese documents and vice versa.
PDF reports from patentGate
With this feature you generate a PDF document to one or more documents with the most important informations.