Working with descriptors

Here you get to the tutorial. Descriptors are customer-specific classifications and keywords. Here we inform you about the different possibilities to work with descriptors. (see also: Descriptor, Manage descriptors)

Search by descriptors

In the simple search you can open the descriptor tree by the symbol Screenshot Icon. Marked descriptors will be inserted to the input field. Several descriptors are connected by OR. These can be edited in the input field. --*alternativer_Text*-- In expert search you can use C1 to search for the descriptors.

Assigning descriptors

User with the role attribute user_add_descriptors can assign descriptors to document during the prepareation of the circular. --*alternativer_Text*--

Distribute by descriptors

To distributes documents to a group which is associated to a descriptor you can use descriptor groups. These groups are called the same as the descriptor. --*alternativer_Text*-- This function can be added as feature by our Support. For this contact them. Then all members of the descriptor groups receive the documents which were assigned with the corresponding descriptor in the circular. --*alternativer_Text*-- You can use descriptor groups also as recipients.

Take over of descriptors from family members

If a patent family member is assigned by a descriptor this descriptor will be displayed at all family members and can be added to the document automatically. This is an optional feature. Please contact our support if you're interested. --*alternativer_Text*--