Using central login systems

patentGate has its own user data base, which can work independently from other systems within the intranet.

With including of patentGate in central login systems can you save expense and the usage of consistent user/password information simplifies the possible uses.
patentGate provides two possibilities:

    1. direct connection via LDAP to a central LDAP or active directory server and

    2. on Windows servers using SSPI/NTLM protocols for checking the authentication information within a Windows domain.

    Login with LDAP /Active Directory

    To log in the user will enter the user name and password, then patentGate uses the LDAP or Active Directory server to authenticate the user.

    The connection data to the directory server will be defined by the network administrator in the configuation file of the patentGate instance.

    If the anonymous access to the directory server is not allowed, the necessary connection data can be provided in the system config of patentGate.

    Single-Sign-On in Windows domains

    On Windows servers patentGate can use the default authentication information sent by the browser (NTLM) to check the validity with the SSPI component.
    If this is successful, the user name and password will be skipped and the user will registered automatically.

    Role Allocation

    In the Administration -> System Configuration menu you can define which default user role is assigned for a new patentGate user.
    If the default role 'Gast' is used, the administrator will have to assign the role 'Verteiler' oder 'Viewer' before that user can take part in the circular (see also to Role "Gast" and user administration).

    Using patentGate-specific access

    If a central login system is used, there are built-in patentGate users which are not connected to the central login system, but have their own credentials in the patentGate login database, for example the administrator login 'root'. They can be assigned an individual password in the menu Users -> User administration.
    The passwords of users validated against the central login system will not be stored in patentGate by default, but a patentGate-specific password can be assigned for these users.
    The password on the central directory server or in the Windows domain is not affected by this.