Groups administration

In the window Groups (in the left menu below Users) you can manage the user groups of patentGate.
Multiple user can belong to a group. Depending on you role you see different register:
Groups of other users All groups (only for administrators)
Descriptor groups Groups to the descriptors; group members of descriptor groups get documents which are distributed by the descriptor
My groups Personal groups, which the user created
Groups visible for me Groups, which are released for this user
Gruppenübersicht Depending on the choosen register you see the following data:
Group name Name of the group
Users Number of users
Available for Users, for whom the group is available
Owner User, who had created the group
Comment/ Members Commt to the group (optional) and group members
With the tool menu  Screenshot Icon you can use the following options:
Edit data Changes the data you inserted at creating the group.
Edit members Adding or deleting of group members (see below).
Copy Opens the window to create a new group with all except of name and comment of the group taken over.
(De)activate With deactivating a group you see the group only inside the group administration nowhere else. Active groups are marked with Screenshot Icon and deactivated with Screenshot Icon.
In the left upper corner is this symbol Screenshot Icon. With that you can export the group table. In the lower menu bar is the Button New group to create a new group.
Create a new group
To create a new group you need to enter a distinct group name and optionally a comment. Then you can set availability, owner and circular mode. For the circular mode exist tow options:
One rating per document suffices If the document is rated by one group member, it'll be shown as rated for all the other group members.
Rating per document and member (standard) Every group member needs to rate every document.
--*alternativer_Text*-- Additionally you can use Circular filter. For this press the button Add filter and type some condition as in the expert search. If someone distribute documents to this groups, only documents which fulfill the conditions will reach the group members. In the lower menu bar you find the commands Save and Cancel.
Edit group members
After the creation of a new group there are no members in the group. Click on the tool menu Screenshot Icon of the group and on Edit members. In this view you see all group members of the group as far as the group has already members. You find available Users, which you can add to the group, in the left column. Already selected Users are in the right column. To add a new member click on Screenshot Icon left to the user or group. --*alternativer_Text*-- In the drop-down list Filter you can reduce the amount of available group members:
Type All types, User oder Groups
Role Reduce to a special role e.g. Viewer
Name Name of the group or the first letters of the name
Clicken OK to save the group members. As departement of patent and Verteiler you can mark groups as recepient. For this activate the checkmark in the right column.