System configuration

In the window System configuration are the settings for the total system.


The following options are available:

Deadline - consideration
Default number of days for the deadline by creating a circular.
Deadline - opposition DE-B
Displayed opposition deadline for German grants.
Deadline - opposition EP-BDisplayed opposition deadline for European and German grants.
Deadline - search reports
Default number of days for the deadline for citations.
Maximum number of hits
Maximum number of results per search result (simple/ expert search).
Number of temporary search results (Expert search)Maximum number of search results which can be saved and displayed per user.
Directory for user data
In this directory all of the users exported data is saved.
Standard filter setOwner of standard filter. Filter queries of this user are visible for all users.
Alerts receiver
Receiver of alerts that cannot be assigned to a user.
Descriptors searchable from levelForm this level descriptors can be searched.
Descriptor fallbackThis defines what should happen, if there is no English description for a descriptor.
Filter for Alerts PatFamServiceThe filter query, that is used for PatFamService-Alerts. (Only documents of these country and publication types will be displayed as new family members. (Currently it cannot be edited here.) Default: pn>0: all documents)
LDAP auth nameName of the optional LDAP Login
LDAP auth passwordPassword for the optional LDAP Login
User role preset
Role assigned to automatically created users, e.g. new LDAP users.
Email adminSender of the patentGate email notifications
Email admin is sender
Email admin is sender for every email sent by the system.
SMTP serverSMTP server email will be sent to.
Email login domainsList of approved domain names, that users can use email addresses from to get automatically created guest logins.
Email content type
Determine how email will be formatted.
Customer name
Customer name for ordering documents.
Receiver of import informations
Receiver of import informations.

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Remark: The respective unit of the deadline is preset.