Import data

In the window Import data (in the left menu below Data import) you can expand the data pool of patentGate. In the area New data you see all data deliveries in the import directory, that are not yet imported into the database. In the area Recent imports you see the last ten imports. In the area Older imports you see all remaining imports. For every import you see the following data:
Import Name of data delivery file
IID Import identification number (You can integrate the IID with iid= in to the expert search.)
Documents Number of documents in the import
PDFs Number of PDFs in the import
Import date Date of import
Size Size of the data delivery file
Remark: A data delivery file needs to be in the subdirectory export of the local patentGate installation and is shown in the area New data. Datenimport With Screenshot Icon you open the import status. With the tool menu Screenshot Icon you can delete an import if necessary. Remark: You should only delete an import if you imported only just and no changes was made on the data. Please always contact our support before that. In the lower menu bar is the command Auto profile to automatically execute intended search queries. It will open the window Auto profile.
To import a data delivery click on the button Screenshot Icon. After the security prompt (confirm with Yes) the import starts. During the import you see the single steps on regularly updated page. Datenimport Back leads back to the overview of the import data. If there occur some problems during import, please make a screenshot as the view below and contact our support. Datenimport