Here you get to the tutorial. As patent department or Verteiler you can define recipients. These will be displayed in the left frame when you create a circular. Like this you can choose them faster. You can select Verteiler, viewer or groups as recipients. In a patentGate-license with a multistage distribution you can select also patent department members as recipients. Hauptansicht You may use the following control elements:
Screenshot Icon Change order: Click on the symbol and track it to the appropriate row. Click on Save changed order to commit.
Screenshot Icon Delete the user or group from the list of recipients.
Screenshot Icon The user or group will be displayed at the distribution of documents. Remove the check mark and the user or group is not displayed.
Add recipient
By clicking on the button <em>Adressaten hinzufügen</em> a new recipient can be selected. On the top right in the popup is a dropdown menu to choose a category to display. You can select User, My groups or Groups visible for other users. At Users you can summarize the marked users to as group. Thereby you don't need to select all users individually but you can just select this one group. You can Save the choice or discard it with Cancel. hinzufügen