Reports of delegated circulars

In the report view you see all users with their last login and their delegated and edited documents. With the dropdown menu in the upper right you can select a group or all users. In the tool menu Werkzeugmenü the following commands are located:
Write email Opens local email program to write an email to this user
Show documents Displays an overview of all documents this user didn't edit yet
Show receive filter Displays receive filter and fades receive filter with the second click out (see also receive / circular filter).
In the right column you can mark the documents with Fictitious seen rating. A prompt asks you to enter a date. All documents whose deadline is before this date gets the mark Seen and the comment Fiktive Kenntnisnahme. Remark: Use this option with CAUTION. Once the fictitious seen is started you can't reverse it! With the symbol Screenshot Icon at the upper left you open the print view. report