Search result

Here you find explanations for the display of search results. After the search the window search results opens. Fenster Suchergebnisse The query as well as the number of results are displayed. Furthermore you the following data of the results:

Patent number IPC main class / descriptors Title / patent applicant

In the lower menu bar you find the buttons |<<, <<<, >>>, >>| and 1-2-3… to navigate and the buttons Back and Save.
<<< and >>> Navigate forward and backward to other result pages
1-2-2… Jump to a specific page of the results
Back Back to the search page
Save Save the search results
To display the bibliographic data or the PDF document and for modification of the order:
Screenshot Icon Dokumentanzeige Open document display
Screenshot Icon PDF-Anzeige Open PDF file
Screenshot Icon PDF-Anzeige Open window to reorder the results
In the window to reorder the results you can select fields for the sorting with the dropdown menu. The sort criteria will be applied hierarchically. You can decide for every criteria where it should sort ascending or descending. With the feature Result list with more information you see also a sketch and a description.