Export table

You can export document sets to use data from patentGate in other applications, for instance to create statistic analyses. Here you get to the tutorial. At many pages exists the possibility to export the data as table, e.g. with the buttonScreenshot Icon or the tool menu Screenshot Icon. In this window you chose the fields to export and the format of the export. Tabelle formatieren Choosing the Choosing the columns:
Screenshot Icon Adds another field at the end of the list. Default selection is Country.
Screenshot Icon Adds a new field above this one.
Screenshot Icon Deletes this field.
Screenshot Icon Is this circle marked by a black point, it means that the table is sorted by this field.
Screenshot Icon You can change the content of the field by the dropdown menu.
Options for the format:
Title line Tick the checkbox to add a row for the title line to the export
Formatted Tick the checkbox to get a graphically designed table.
Clipboard Is the checkbox activated, the table is saved in the clipboard and you can insert it with Strg+V (works only with the right browser settings).
CSV format Is the checkbox activated, a dialog opens to open or save the table in Excel or Calc. (If a window with import settings pops up, choose only semicolon as delimiter.)
Reverse order Tick the checkbox to sort by the above chosen field in reverse order.
At the bottom you can choose standard settings at Preset for. You can change the standard settings and overwrite them with Save.
With Title line, Formatted and the standard setting Documents from circular you get the following output: html Ansicht If you additional tick the checkbox for CSV format, you get this output in Calc: html Ansicht
Export links to PDF or document
You can also choose to export links. For that choose one of these four possibilities for the field.
  • PDF link (macro)
  • PDF address (plaintext)
  • Document link (macro)
  • Document address (plaintext)
If you export as macro you can open the PDF or document with clicking on the link. With a plaintext link export the URL is displayed as text and can be copied and pasted into the browser address line.