Saved queries

In the window Queries (in menu Search) you can display and edit a saved search query. gespeicherte_suchanfragen The table contains the name of the query, the query and the date of creation. User of the patent department can also see the columns Feedback to (users of patent department), Results to (recipient of circular), Owner (of the search query) and Autoprofile. The following symbols exist for Autoprofile:
Screenshot Icon Autoprofile off
Screenshot Icon Autoprofile as query
Screenshot Icon Autoprofile as monitoring
Screenshot Icon Autoprofile as distribution
In the tool menu Screenshot Icon you can edit the search query:
Screenshot Icon Execution of the corresponding query.
Screenshot Icon Open window to edit the query.
Screenshot Icon Insert the query in the expert search.
Screenshot Icon Modify the autoprofile settings
Screenshot Icon Delete marked query.
Edit query
After the click on Screenshot Icon in the tool menu the window Edit query opens. There you can edit the query as in the expert search. You have the following options:
Save as... Save the edited query with a new name.
Save Overwrite the current query.
Cancel Without saving.