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As field identifier you have the following options:
IID Import-ID
CC Country
PN Patent number
DT Publication type
MC IPC main classification See Patent classification: IPC formats for additional information
IC IPC truncated on all levels
CPC CPC truncated on all levels (optional)
PA Applicant
AG Agent (optional)
IN Inventor
TI Title
AB Abstract
PD Publication date (Format: [YYYYMMDD]; Example: 20141023)
AD Application date (Format: [YYYYMMDD])
PRI Priority information
NT Notice (by patent department or administrative, not concerning circular)
BNT Notice of viewer or Verteiler (not concerning circular; optional)
BK Order code
C1 Descriptor
C2 Reference number
TIDE Title (DE)
TIEN Title (EN)
TIXX Title (other)
ABDE Abstract (DE)
ABEN Abstract (EN)
ABXX Abstract (other)
CL Claim
CLDE Claim (DE)
CLEN Claim (EN)
CLXX Claim (other)
TXT Text in title, abstract, claim or comment from ciruclar
CMT Comment from ciruclar
COMMENTER Comment autor
RATING Rating (10,20,30,40)
LIST Hitlist name
CIRCULAR Circular name
OWNER Circular creator
SENDER Distributor
DISTDATE Circular creatrion (Format: [YYYYMMDD])
EXPIREDATE Deadline (Format: [YYYYMMDD])
MSG System message concerning with regard to the document
ID Internal document number in the patentGate database