Expert search

Here you get to the tutorial.
In the  window expert search you can phrase complex search queries in an editor.

Search mask of the expert search

In the search mask you see multiple areas. On the top you see the Last 5 queries which were executed in the expert mode. Below this you find the input field similar to an editor. Here you enter the conditions for the results of the query. For this you can use the input assistance below. As in the simple search you can set search options (below the input assistance). In the lower menu bar you can count the number of results or display all results.

Suchmaske_Expertensuche With the symbol Screenshot Icon you get to this tutorial. By clicking on the symbol Screenshot Icon the input assistance opens. Here you find explanations for the field identifiers.

Procedure using the expert search:

  1. Enter the query in the editor field (or load a saved query or a query out of the last five queries).
  2. When requires save the query.
  3. Click on Search.
Last five queries

You have the following options:

Screenshot IconDelete saved query.
Screenshot IconOpen menu with the following options:
Screenshot IconDisplay results of the query.
Screenshot IconInsert the query in the editor field, there you can edit it furthermore.
Screenshot IconCreate a table out of the query which you can export for excel or calc.
Screenshot IconReduce the results such as only one family member is included.
Screenshot IconDelete the query from the list.
Search options and menu bars

In the area search options you can set up the following:

      1. Select the underlying data pool in the dropdown menu Search in. Example: All data, Current import
      2. Number of displayed documents per page using the dropdown menu Number or results.
      3. Sort result list by: Country + Patent number or IPC + Country + Patent number

Below the editor field are the buttons Reset form, Load and Save and in the lower menu bar are the buttons Count and Search. Their functions are described in the following table:

Reset formClear the editor field.
LoadDisplay all saved queries. You can choose one of them and display this query in the editor field.
SaveAfter entering a name and an optional comment for the query it will be saved.
CountCount the number of results.
SearchExecute the search and display the results.

With the corresponding extension you can export the result list for the software Orbit.