Viewing documents

Here you get to the tutorial. The window document display shows the bibliographic data of the chosen document. For a faster classification you see draft to the patent, if available. You get to the document display via the symbol Icon or click on the patent number. In the upper area you see the following options:
Screenshot Icon Navigate within the results.
Screenshot Icon Display of the complete document, incl. draft as PDF. (Via Show document you switch to the document display.)
Screenshot Icon Mark document as favourite - will be placed in Search -> Favourites (By moving the mouse over it you see which favourite list contains the document.) You can choose in which favourite list you want to add this document.
Screenshot Icon Open the tool menu
Dokumentenansicht In the tool menu Screenshot Icon you find the following options:
Monitoring document/family Starts the monitoring of family members to this document. This means, you inform the patent department that you are interested in family members to this document (see also Alerts).
Info to patent department Send a message to a user in the patent department (this message is displayed in the history of the document).
Send document link Starts the local email program to send the link.
Print preview Generates a preview for printing the document.
Export data Document data of this document or the complete circular can be exported as table.
This display contains the bibliographic data of the current publication as well as editable fields (notice, reference number,...) and information to the circular and the patent families. You can edit all fields in this view which are marked with the pen Screenshot Icon. There are different possibilities to show patent family data:
  1. Display the INPADOC-family via the link to espacenet Screenshot Icon (external link to the server of EPA opens in a new window).
  2. Screenshot Icon Query members opens a list of all available family members in patentGate
  3. Screenshot Icon Query members external starts the PatFamService request, which displays the INPADOC family (all family members)
  4. In Citations -> Family patents are shown, which cite this patent family and which are cited by this patent family.
With the appropriate settings you can order documents in the document display. Are already family members distributed and rated, the family history is also displayed. The patent number leads to the already rated document. In History you see the comments of all users. Optionally the display of the ratings can be limited for users with the same host part of the email address. Patent department and administration can also edit the bibliographic data. In the lower menu bar is the button Close to close the window.