Delegated circulars

All circulars which were delegated to patentGate users are displayed here as a tree. The window Delegated circulars shows the following data:
  • Name of the monitoring or the circular
  • Owner
  • Created
  • Deadline of the circular as well as information for expired and archived
  • Number of Documents in the monitoring respective circular
delegierte Umläufe
Overview to documents and tool menu
The information of the monitoring and circulars are structured by coloured background:
Light grey background Monitoring of the circulars
White or light blue background Circulars, which were generated out of the circulars
In the tool menu Werkzeugmenü you find the following commands:
Report Displays the circular report (see also distributed documents->Reports).
Feedback Display only relevant feedback from the circular (see also distributed documents->Feedback).
Delete Delete the list, you need to answer a security message.