Simple search - search mask

This section describes the input mask of the simple search. In simple search you can use these fields for the research (see the screenshot below):


Country code, two letters example: 'DE'

Patent number

Patent number without country code (only digits without special characters or check digit) Range search with: <, <=, >, >= Example: '6127749', '< 19912345', '> 1209325 and <1209333'

Document type

Example: 'A1; B4'


Example: 'motor* AND gear*'


Examples: 'siemens AND nixdorf', 'mercedes or daimler*'


Example: 'presting AND hartmut'


Example: 'case* AND connect*'

IPC Main

Example: 'F16H061/02'

See Patent classification: IPC formats for additional information

All IPC-Classes

Example: 'F21*'

Publication date

Range search with: <, <=, >, >= Format: YYYYMMDD Examples: '20020815', '19990101'

Application date

Range search with:: <, <=, >, >= Format: YYYYMMDD Examples: '19990723', '>20020101'

Comment from circular

Comment, inserted at the document per hand. This field is only visible if the comment was inserted at a document.


Free text comment at the document Example: 'interes*'

Order code

Example: 'bestell1'

Internal number

Internal number, registered at the document. Example: 'DP-1885/98-DE'


Internal classification in important technology fields for your enterprise. Input in the text field or selection of a term out of the popup tree. The term will be inserted in the text field. If you choose several terms they will combined with or, which you can change. Example: 'HA01' (see also descriptors)

Remark: All fields are combined with the logical AND. Search terms in the fields can be combined with the logical operators AND, OR and AND NOT. To truncate use the star * for arbitrary letters. You can't use brackets. Upper and lower case letter will not be distinguished, umlauts will be searched as ae, ue etc. Behind each input text you find this symbol Fragezeichen der Einsteigersuche. If you click on it examples for the input will be displayed. The order of the fields can be changed systemwide by using a role attribute.  Suchmaske der Einsteigersuche In the section Search options the following settings are possible:
  1. Selection of the used data pool with the dropdown menu Search in. Examples: All data, Current import
  2. Number of results per page with the dropdown menu in the middle
  3. Sort order with the possibilities: Country + Patent number or IPC + Country + Patent number
In the menu bar below the input mask are the buttons Reset form, Load and Save. In the lower menu bar are the buttons Count and Search. Their functions are described in the following:
Reset form Delete all entries in the input mask.
Load Display all saved queries. You can choose one of them and display it in the search mask.
Save Save the query. You need to enter a name and optionally a comment.
Count Display the number of results of this query.
Search Execute the search and open the display of the search results.